The Eastern Fund

What is the Eastern Fund?

The Eastern Fund represents gifts made by alumni, parents, faculty and staff, students and friends to support the University’s most pressing needs and priorities.

Where does my money go?

When you give to The Eastern Fund, you decide the University area you’d like to support—the general fund, student scholarships, a specific college or department, your favorite EKU sports team or another Eastern program that you care about.

Why should I give?

Donations to The Eastern Fund allow EKU to:

  • Provide tuition assistance for students
  • Enhance academic opportunities available
  • Maintain and improve campus facilities
  • Provide technology and library resources
  • Attract and retain outstanding faculty
  • Support student services and activities

Donations to The Eastern Fund allow YOU to:

  • Have a positive impact on students
  • Strengthen the value of your degree—alumni participation is used as a factor when ranking comparing colleges and universities
  • Take a charitable deduction on your itemized tax returns

How do I give?

Make an online credit card gift today, or send your donation to the Development Office.