Types of Gifts

We are pleased to share with you information on investing in Eastern Kentucky University and the students we serve. Some charitable gifts can provide immediate tax benefits, while others may help reduce your taxable estate or even provide an annual income for you and another beneficiary. Regardless of which you choose, rest assured that your gift will make a tangible difference to Eastern.

There are two primary ways to give:

Outright Gifts include cash, securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), tangible personal property and real estate. These gifts can be designated to help a program or project of special interest to the donor. Outright gifts are most often claimed as a charitable tax deduction the year in which they are made.

Planned Gifts are special donations provided through your will, revocable or irrevocable trusts, charitable gift annuities, and other arrangements that offer benefits to both the donor and the University. These gifts often provide future support for the University and are frequently designated to help build Eastern's endowment. Many of these plans offer specific tax advantages for you and/or your heirs.